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Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat


After diving you should rest… well we like to...but we know you want to explore!

Taveuni Island is beautiful to explore. Our drivers on Taveuni enjoy touring and giving you insights into the people and places on Taveuni. You can arrange the trips when you get here or book them in advance.

Our Favourite Day Trips

Bouma National Heritage Park Taveuni Fiji
Bouma National Heritage Park

The Bouma National Heritage Park is a protected area covering most of north-eastern Taveuni. The park is full of great natural beauty and diverse ecosystems and a number of options for walking and hiking. The photo above is of Bouma Waterfalls.

Bouma National Heritage Park Taveuni Fiji
Tavoro Falls

Tavoro Falls is a series of three waterfalls within the park, the first of which, Bouma Falls, is the highest (24 meters), most spectacular and just a gentle 10 minutes or so walk from the Visitor Center. This is a perfect spot to while away a few hours with a picnic and swimming in the cool refreshing waters of the splash pool below the falls. For the adventurous you can climb behind the falls and experience the curtain of cascading water right before you, and maybe take a leap from here into the pool.

Further up the trail lie the second and third falls. The second has a drop of 15 meters, and the final falls 10 meters. The upper trail can be tricky if wet, but panoramic views over the rainforest and out across the Somosomo Strait and of neighbouring islands are a remarkable sight to behold, plus the absolute peace and tranquility of the environment. Allow approximately 3 hours for the full hike.

Please consult with your resort or the Visitor Center to confirm the conditions– additional guides are available.

Bouma National Heritage Park Taveuni Fiji
Lavana Coastal Walk

Deciding to take a day to be treated to gorgeous coastal views, Taveuni’s best beaches, lagoons, lush rainforest and a suspended swinging bridge is the second best decision next to diving the Rainbow Reef.

At the end of the scenic 5km Walk, part of which is in the Bouma National Heritage Park you’ll end up at Wainibau Falls (pronounced “wye-nim-BAU”). The swim-up waterfall is a 10-15m drop and is situated behind a calm and clear plunge pool lying mysteriously behind a little gorge. Climb up the waterfall and discover more crystal clear pools and weather-worn boulders.

waitabu marine park taveuni fiji
Waitabu Marine Park

Waitabu Marine Park is a protected area of reef and ocean around the community of Waitabu, who also owns and operate the park. This has been a great success on Taveuni, and a successful example of how relatively small conservation projects foster positive effects. An increased diversity of fish as well as increased catch outside the protected area has resulted from this project. Turtles and manta rays may be seen, and an array of inquisitive fish – they know they are safe in this area!! Guided boats and snorkeling tours are available along with refreshments and local music.

Bouma National Heritage Park Taveuni Fiji
Des Voeus Peak

At 1195 meters Des Voeux Peak is Taveuni’s second highest peak. this peak is a volcanic dome, a testament to Taveuni’s volcanic past. Des Voeux Peak can be reached entirely by foot in around 3-4 hours, or with the help of 4 wheel drive. Taking the easier option still requires a short hike to the peak of approximately 20 minutes. Pick the right day and the right time (generally early morning) and panoramic vistas await you on reaching the summit. For the “twitchers” there isfruitdovebobbyssmall also a great opportunity to spot some of Taveuni’s endemic bird species along the way.

Bouma National Heritage Park Taveuni Fiji
Lake Tagimoucia

The most famous lake in Fiji, Lake Tagimoucia, (pronounced:tahng-ee-mo-thee-ya) lies in a volcanic crater at around 800 meters elevation in the center of Taveuni. Reaching it requires a full day of hiking with some potentially difficult ground to cover, so this is definitely a trip for the fit and adventurous!! It can be reached by an onward trek from Des Voeux Peak, or hiking up from Somosomo village. The lake shares its name with the extremely rare and legendary Tagimoucia flower – a floral emblem of Fiji featured on the $50 note. The flower blooms between October and February.

Bobby from Bobby's farm taveuni fiji
Na Bogi Ono (Bobby’s) Farm

Na Bogi Ono Farms, also known as Bobby’s Farm after the creator and guide, is a conservation area and organic farm that offers tours and hikes coupled with extensive local knowledge of bird life, flora, and fauna. Birdwatching, fish feeding, snorkeling, rainforest hikes and farm tours are all available with half or full-day options including lunch. Truly a treat, with something available for all ages and abilities.

International Dateline & Watavala Waterslide

Half-day trip to Taveuni's Dateline (180 Meridian) and to Taveuni's Natural Waterslide. Be prepared to get wet and the rocks might be slippery! Wear Jeans or thick shorts when sliding.


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