Scuba Diving in Fiji and see Mantas

Manta Ray

For a couple of days now we have had fairly rough weather, our typical trade winds coming in, but nevertheless, we went out for some beautiful dives. Lucky we did, after a memorable dive at the Fish Factory, you will know why it is called that after you have been there, we went to our second dive site, Jerry’s Jelly, which is my personal favourite dive site. There is just something about the ever changing reef, the Big Napoleon Wrasse policing the reef with their constant companions, the colour changing Emperor Fish. very often we also see 2 Blue Ribbon Eels peering out of the same hole;-). Of course we also have about 5 resident White Tip Reef Sharks which hang out there. They are females as we discovered when they were pregnant last year. About 30 minutes into the dive the reef slightly curves and the current will take you to the back side of the reef. This is quite an adrenalin rush when the current is a bit stronger. Any way, it is not the season, but we were rewarded for going out in strong winds by the appearance of a Manta Ray, slowly going into his somersaults, scooping up food!

Absolutely amazing and I could sit there watching them for hours! Can’t wait for them to come back in November when the season starts.


About Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat

Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat is made by divers - for divers. Located in a small bay on the world famous Rainbow Reef in Fiji, we are surrounded by rainforest and a white sandy beach. Accessible by boat only this is the ultimate place to relax and dive. Swim, snorkel, dive, hike, get some rays, be pampered at the beach SPA or lie in your hammock and watch the fish go by. With a PADI dive shop, restaurant, bar and beach SPA on the premises, there is something for everyone!
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