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Dive into one of the world’s Top 10 dive sites! Fiji’s Rainbow Reef!

Famous for colorful soft corals, we are just 10 minutes away from the world famous white wall which looks like a ski slope, covered in white soft corals, tropical fish, Whitetip sharks, Napoleons, Blue Ribbon Eels and many other beautiful species. Its like swimming in an aquarium. Along with seeing all of the big guys out there, we love to stop for the “little things” too! All of our dives are guided by certified divemasters or instructors to ensure your safety.

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Not diving yet?
No problem. Roland, our Swiss instructor has more than 15 years experience teaching courses in English and German. Manasa, our Fijian Instructor is also here to help you enjoy your diving to the fullest.

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Our Boat

‘Dolphin 1’ is a 20’ aluminum dive boat which can hold 6 divers plus crew. She is equipped with two 40 horsepower Yamaha outboard engines. The Dolphin 1 is equipped with all required safety gear including a first aid kit, oxygen bottle and VHF radio. Our licensed captain, Apex, knows the waters and reef like the back of his hand and will take very good care of you.

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Let’s get wet!
When you hear the generator rumble to life in the morning it is time to roll out of bed, head for the dive shop and set up your equipment. After breakfast, at 08:30, the boat leaves for a 2 tank dive. You will spend the surface interval between dives moving to a different dive site or return to the resort depending on weather conditions. Water and snacks are provided on the boat. Be sure to bring your certification card and/or log book for the first dives.

All our dive sites are on the Rainbow Reef in the Somosomo Straits, and there are more than 20 to choose from, none more than 10 minutes from the resort. Sorry, but we can not guarantee the weather or that you see Sharks or Mantas or that the conditions on the white wall will be perfect. We do however guarantee that we will do our very best to give you a great dive! Dive sites are decided upon in the mornings depending on weather conditions and divers’ abilities. Many of the sites are also very nice for snorkeling.

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Best Times for Diving
Visibility is good throughout the year, however during our winter months from May-November the water is cooler, about 26C (79F) degrees and therefore visibility is better still. Water temperature during our summer months is around 29C (84F) degrees, you should be fine with a 3mm wet suit.

It has been our experience that the best times for seeing the following are:

Manta Rays

December - May


December - May

Grey Reef Sharks mating

April - May


September - November


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"Fiji's Wild Beauty - A photographic guide to coral reefs of the South Pacific"

Let’s go diving, it’s a great day to breathe underwater!


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